The Weekend Before Vacation Links

Yup, next week is my vacation! While I won’t be going anywhere out-of-state, I do have a flood of city-wide fun planned with my boyfriend. So hopefully these links will tide you over until I return next Friday with My Home Bar. Of course I will still be participating in the August Break, but I gotta focus on some R & R, baby.

tank-girl-lori-pettyMe, in full vacation regalia.

♠ This weekend before the big vacay, the boyfriend and I decided to clean and do as many chores as possible, to eliminate them from the week, so we can focus on video games and doughnuts and Bill & Ted. This Lifehacker post is always my favorite place to start to get motivated in the organization zone.

♠ You or some little ones in your house feeling bored? Try making your own crossword puzzles! I think I might make a few as fun extras in some letters.

♠ I am starting to get into comics a little more (Did I tell you about Incognito and FATALE? I loved them) and Matt Fraction is one of my favorite Twitter personalities (and I loved his Iron Fist stuff), so of course I’m going to buy what he’s sellin. Now, if there was only a way to safely search for “Sex Criminals” without the scary end results…

♠ If I had the money, I would have a Tiki Oasis themed celebration in my backyard every summer. Pin ups girls, ukeleles, lots of rum, and perhaps a screening or two of Elvis’ Blue Hawaii and Psycho Beach Party.

♠ A pop-up drive-In theater. How very Oregon.

♠ While cleaning up the other day, listening to the Earwolf Archives, I listened to an episode of The Fogelnest Files with Natasha Lyonne (who has an amazing NY accent, but can do myriad other hilarious accents) and some of the music they talked about got me interested. I gotta listen to the Shaggs now.

♠ In other comics news, I am printing out this request for Pretty Deadly and handing it to the first comic book store I can find.

♠ In Queens of the Stone Age news, Josh Homme sat in for Jarvis Cocker on his radio programme on BBC6 last Sunday, definitely worth a listen.

♠ Have you been looking for a sweet yet boozy topping for ice cream, pancakes or waffles? Do you like or have an extreme abundance of peaches? This topping recipe is for you. And please send some my way, too.

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