Football Fun for People Who Don’t Normally Like Football

What a LOOOONG title, Jess! I know, but I had to fit in there what this post is all about, so you can decide how deep you want to delve into it.

football-velvet-paintingLooking through my photo archives, this is apparently the only football-related pic I had. Velvet painting goodness.

I have been “watching” (read: tolerating) football my whole life, and I still know very little about it. I know touchdowns, I know line of scrimmage, I know the phrase “moving the chains” (thanks, SNL), but I don’t know what it means.

With that being said, I still enjoy a lot of things tangentially related to football. The fall weather, tailgating camaraderie, football OREOs!, shows, blogs and people who are wrapped up in football.

Here’s a few of my favorites:

Kissing Suzy Kolber’s Fantasy Football and Sex Mailbag: great tips, not only about relationship/sex quandaries, but, you know, help with fantasy football.

♠ SB Nation knows everything about sports. I follow quite a few of the SB Nation guys on twitter (Matt Ufford, Jon Bois), and I can vouch that if you want to know anything about football, start here.

♠ There’s also Drew Magary at Deadspin, who is always hilarious.

♠ There’s also – delving into college football – Everyday Should Be Saturday.  Spencer Hall recently wrote an excellent story on EDSBS about Herb Hand, someone I had no idea existed before last Saturday, but now have a touching story connecting me to him.

♠ Where would this list be without The League? It would be in a Yobagoya pile, that’s where.

With Leather has tons of sports-related goodies, including MMA and wrestling nonsense.

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