Do you locals know about FilmBar? I haven’t been, but I do enjoy torturing myself by constantly looking at all the films they are showing. This month in addition to all their great programming, they also have something called the “Swayz-tember Film Series.” Swayztember! Why didn’t I think of that ages ago?!? Plus, donations from their ticket sales go toward the Pancreatic Cancer Foundation. So, while their programming is awesome stuff, I’m going to work through some personal favorites – and some new-to-me’s:

Here is the Pepper House Swayztember Programme:
Road House
To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything Julie Newmar
The Outsiders
Forever Lulu ( I’ve never seen this, but I saw it on Netflix and it had 1. Swayze 2. Melanie Griffith, just before her surgeries pushed her into unrecognizable territory)
And, since I’ve never seen it, Ghost
What’s your top 5 movies of Swayztember?

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