Halloween Movie Lists

Are you overwhelmed with the amount of true horror, B-horror, J-horror (and every other letter horror), torture-porn, schlock, Hammer, and every other kind of horror that is out there, and just trying to find something to watch to get in the Halloween spirit? Well I am here to help! There are few people whose taste I trust as much as my own, especially when it comes to good scary, but these few lists should give you some ideas of the good stuff.

carnival of souls txt

31 and More: Halloween Horror Favorites by Kim Morgan

♠ The whole Horror tab at This Cinematic Life

♠ Total Film’s 20 Greatest Horror Films You’ve Never Seen

♠ And my own little list:

The Haunting (1963), Repulsion, House of the Devil, Sinister (the first movie in a long time that gave me truly terrifying nightmares), House – both the 1977 extraordinary title and the 1986, Creepshow-esque be-monstered story.

…And of course, with every lady of generation, Hocus Pocus is a must-watch every year!

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