Links of the Week: Pre-Halloween Goodies

The title of today’s post is a little misleading: these aren’t all Halloween-related. But, they are just as delightful as a bowl full of Halloween candy.

The Eisenhower Matrix: Distinguishing between urgent and important tasks, via Art of Manliness

♠ A new episode of How Did This Get Made, especially for the spooky movie season: Halloween III: Season of the Witch. Although the movie isn’t really scary and very, very ridiculous.

♠ Speaking of spooky movie season, did you know you could watch full movies online at the AMC website? My pick is the Roger Corman film The Undead. “Corman’s classic shriekfest follows two psychic researchers who hypnotize a prostitute into reliving a past life, unfortunately that of an evil witch.”

♠ One of my friends posted a photo of her gorgeous, long red hair in curls she made with this magic sock trick. I tried it on my hair and, to my surprise, it too had some major cute curls. I am beyond thrilled by a free hair styling tool that I can sleep in to make my hair look like I worked on it all morning.

♠ The Surreal World of Nina Leen

♠ You know I am obsessed with everything bat-related, so imagine my joy at seeing a Bat Love fashion post on Design Sponge.

♠ Not necessarily Halloween music, this is an awesome playlist by Tawny Kerr, for when your in a particularly spooky mood.

♠ Gillian Anderson brought David Duchovny in on an AMA she was doing, and in doing so made my day.

♠ Time to get your shit together.

reina-jeanThe highlight of my week was taking my niece to the zoo. She was excited to see the giraffes and monkeys, but she flipped her shit for a black and white squirrel, for some reason.

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