Even Books Need to Slide Once in a While

swedish-book-slide“The Book Slide or ‘bokstörten’ as it is called in Swedish. This invention was added to the stair case in the days of the second world war. The idea being that should Sweden become attacked by an aggressor in the war, then the archives and books here could be loaded onto ships fast using this book slide to slide them down to the water front and then they could be sailed off to some secure location.”

This is normally something I would put in my weekly links, but the image of books sliding down, not a care in the world, seems like something that would be worth posting.

Happy Beaver’s Moon

The Beaver Moon, also called the Frost Moon, is when everything truly settles into the colder season. This was the time to set beaver traps before the swamps froze, to ensure a supply of warm winter furs. Another interpretation suggests that the name Full Beaver Moon comes from the fact that the beavers are now actively preparing for winter. It is sometimes also referred to as the Frosty Moon. Beavers are preparing for winter, and you can, too.

♠ I get my last hair cut and color before the new year. During the holidays it is much too crazy for me to think about carving out time to get something done. Better to get it done now, than not at all until…March.

♠ Stock up all your cold & flu remedies, and catch them before they start with vitamins and daily lemon water with ginger. If that doesn’t appeal to you, Real Simple has some other ideas for prevention, like taking a daily brisk walk, wash your hands more frequently than you would.

♠ Design Sponge also has a great list of the creative community’s favorite prevention tips.

♠ Walk around your house and think about insulation. Are there drafts that need to be re-caulked, or perhaps a “snake” can help keep out the cold?

Bird and Moon has a great little comic about how to take your winter cues from animals:

My Home Bar: The Scofflaw

instax-cocktailI was trying to find something on Netflix to help me sleep the other night, and rewatched Prohibition. I noticed that one of the episodes was called “A Nation of Scofflaws,” and I had saved this recipe for a while. Here we go!

–   2 oz Bourbon or rye whiskey
–  1 oz Dry vermouth
–  .25 oz Fresh lemon juice
– .5 oz Grenadine
–  2 dashes Orange bitters

Add all the ingredients to a shaker and fill with ice. Shake, and strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

Scofflaw etymology:

scofflaw (n.)
1924, from scoff (v.) + law (n.). The winning entry in a national contest during Prohibition to coin a word to characterize a person who drinks illegally, chosen from more than 25,000 entries; the $200 winning prize was split between two contestants who sent in the word separately: Henry Irving Dale and Miss Kate L. Butler.

The Week in Links

I wish I had some more positive personal things to mention this week, but i have a mosquito bite in the middle of my back, on my spine, right where any tshirt rubs so, I’m a bit distracted. Let’s see what will cheer me up:

♠ Have you read anything about the FlyKly? I am super-interested in this idea. It can fit on any bike (which could mean a couple could share one, if they don’t need it at the same time), and you set the speed at which you want to ride via smartphone. I hope it comes down in price a little. I am all for this kind of minimalist innovation!


♠  Yearbook pictures of rock and metal icons  (Via History in Pics’ Twitter)

♠ Can you match the literary mustaches?

♠ You have probably all seen this, but it’s getting to be calendar-buying season, make it a good one – like the RI tattooed librarians.

♠ One of my newest findings on tumblr (thanks to Art of Manliness) is Vinyl and Cocktails, a blog that pairs an album – on vinyl – and a cocktail to enjoy while listening. So far I’m most interested in trying the Newark, with The National’s album Trouble Will Find Me. I wonder if I could do a guest post, with a cocktail and a snack?!

♠ How do you find people that are right for you? It’s all about energy.

♠ Read all the things! If you’ve ever used an iteration of “all the things,” you can thank Allie Brosh, who is one of my favorite people ever. She was recently on Fresh Air, talking about her depression and her comical view of herself, if those things can be mingled so.

♠ I am excited to hunker down and read this oral history of the Chelsea Hotel. There are few things in New York City that interest me as much as the Chelsea. Now, if only I could print this out in a little zine format with pictures, so I can take it on the bus and leave it for the next person…

♠ Near the beginning of each month, NPR has a feature called Heavy Rotation: 10 Songs Public Radio Can’t Stop Playing. Sometimes you get lucky and find a gem. Almost like looking through the BBC Top Playlist Archive I’ve mentioned before.

♠ I love these portraits of contestants at the World Memory Championships.

5 Years a Blogger

pink-and-mint-with-birthday-cardA few weeks ago was PepperedThought’s fifth birthday.

A lot of things have happened since I started this adventure, both personally and online. Trying to write something genuine every week is a serious struggle for a serial diary-abandoner, but I have found that for a forgetful person like me, it is invaluable to have little tidbits of my life and things I love in one place. Invaluable. The only thing I regret is not writing more. Luckily, that is something I can change.

I have been telling myself that writing a little something is infinitely better than leaving an empty page and a full mind. So full that I can’t sleep, thinking about all of everything. So I really should think of this as my place to come and write about whatever needs to being taken from my mind.

I am thankful that there are some of you that tell me that you enjoy this blog – it helps keeps me going.

Birthday in Bond

James Bond’s official birthday – according to his “biography” – is November 11, 1920. The year was changed for the movies to coincide with Sean Connery’s birth year of 1930. So, however old he is – although, isn’t he really, immortally 37? – let’s toast him, our spy of spies, with some Bond-related goodies.

♠ How well do you know your Bond villains? Take the quiz and find out. I only got half right, although for someone who only started watching Bond movies a few year ago, not too shabby.

James Bonding Podcast hosts Matt & Matt will take you on a hilarious and pensive journey through each movie, with a guest who will offer a unique perspective.james-bonding-podcast-dr-no

everything he touches…turns to excitement!

♠ Girl Detective’s Bond archives are excellent, as well as her Bond-themed ice creams. Personally, I’m partial to On Her Majesty’s Sweet Cream Service and Casino Banana Royale.

♠ My favorite kinds of fan art: (kinda) subtle t-shirts and re-imagined posters.

♠ Can you guess the names by the pictograms?

♠ You’re not alone in your love of Bond: Mark O’Connell loves the Bond franchise so much, he has written a book about his life with the spy.

♠ Would you like Tom Hiddleston to read you Octopussy & The Living Daylights? Of course you flippin would.

And this I just wanted to add this photo because…Jaws and Dolly were ADORABLE.