noirvember-text-collageNoirvember has a simple idea: imbibe some noir every day in the month of November. That’s it! Enjoying the rich and disturbing world of noir is reward enough. I found out about it several days late, so I missed some time to get some ordered from the library. But I was able to find a bunch of lists thanks to the twitter tag, tumblr (and tumblr tag!) and facebook page for Noirvember.

♠ Open Culture has a list of free noir movies you can watch here.

♠ Also check out Sales on Film’s list here.

♠ Don’t forget, you can read hard-boiled novels, comics or hell, why not write your own – it is NaNoWriMo, right?

Researching about neo-noir, came across this quote from the co-writer of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang: “To me, the best noir features people that are broken, who live a life of quiet desperation and have a need to carry out their own brand of justice, and of course a moral compass – or lack thereof.” What other movies could be stretched to fit this description? In that vein, if we turned certain movies black and white, do you think they would have some noir potential? Land Before Time, Ghostbusters, maybe The Shining?

I would like to add that a well-lit scene makes all the difference as well. A noir film is a like a big long gorgeous photo: light is key.


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