Birthday in Bond

James Bond’s official birthday – according to his “biography” – is November 11, 1920. The year was changed for the movies to coincide with Sean Connery’s birth year of 1930. So, however old he is – although, isn’t he really, immortally 37? – let’s toast him, our spy of spies, with some Bond-related goodies.

♠ How well do you know your Bond villains? Take the quiz and find out. I only got half right, although for someone who only started watching Bond movies a few year ago, not too shabby.

James Bonding Podcast hosts Matt & Matt will take you on a hilarious and pensive journey through each movie, with a guest who will offer a unique perspective.james-bonding-podcast-dr-no

everything he touches…turns to excitement!

♠ Girl Detective’s Bond archives are excellent, as well as her Bond-themed ice creams. Personally, I’m partial to On Her Majesty’s Sweet Cream Service and Casino Banana Royale.

♠ My favorite kinds of fan art: (kinda) subtle t-shirts and re-imagined posters.

♠ Can you guess the names by the pictograms?

♠ You’re not alone in your love of Bond: Mark O’Connell loves the Bond franchise so much, he has written a book about his life with the spy.

♠ Would you like Tom Hiddleston to read you Octopussy & The Living Daylights? Of course you flippin would.

And this I just wanted to add this photo because…Jaws and Dolly were ADORABLE.

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