6 Days of Gift Ideas

Gifts are hard when they are forced. I love giving people presents spur of the moment, or I see something that just screams their name, or it will make them laugh. When it gets to be this time of year, I absolutely blank on something to give even my best of friends. And as I read more about the cost of mass produced material things – not only monetarily, but environmentally – it gets me sad to think that a gift I give is dispensable and holds no meaning.

So i have some ideas for you (and me) regarding thoughtful, from-the-heart gifts. Simple, useful, beautiful – I’m really striving to hit at least one (if not all) of these marks for my gift-giving checklist. Here goes my first little idea batch:


A necklace of the month club is a great way to give a close friend or loved one jewelry, even if you aren’t sure of their style. Midwinter’s collections are stunning, so it was my first choice as a NotM. I also want to have some sort of tangible gift to give the recipient to acknowledge the gift is coming in the mail, so I think I will make a little pasta necklace and attach a card, letting them know what’s on the way. My second favorite Necklace of the Month would have to be Tiny Hands’. Any jewelry line that features s’mores, corn dog earrings and a waffle necklace featured on Parks & Rec is immediately on my Nice list.

One more note, with Midwinter: If you know someone who is a diamond in the rough, these rough-cut diamond earrings are so choice.

For gentlemen, jewelry is a lot more iffy. There’s always tie tacks and cufflinks, but how often do you see the guys in your life wear those? For something that might be worn as an everyday item, think about this ring from Kathryn Riechert.

badass-ringSimple yes, but something very special.

See another gift guide: Design Mom has started some very thoughtful pinboards for all sorts of gifts, so check those out, too. If you have kids, she has a great one for things kids can make.

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