Good Links to Snuggle In and Read

I mainly titled this link wrap up because of this article on cashmere. Not only does it tell you a little backstory about true cashmere (and the goats that go with it), but how to care for your cashmere (I’m all for throwing out the Woolite!)

So, here we go!

old-school-selfieAlways dress for selfies.

♠ I have been staring at this list of Lessons from our Grandparents about Living Stylishly for a week now, and not only has it inspired me to take a damn vacation, it inspires me to just…live a little.

♠ This season, look for your own anagnorisis, with The George Bailey Technique via the Art of Manliness.

♠ The Certosa di San Martino is an abandoned monastery turned museum. It has beautiful architecture and paintings, but what really struck me were the skulls, placed all around the grounds.certosa-skull

♠ Disaronno and Moschino have teamed up to make a new #1 on my bar cart supply list.disaronno-moschino

One thought on “Good Links to Snuggle In and Read

  1. Thanks, Jessica! By the way, have you ever looked into The Camino de Santiago? I’m sure you have, but if not I think it would interest you. Because EVERYTHING interests you. 🙂

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