6 Days of Gift Ideas: Part 2

For me, gifts for kids aren’t hard – being a kid at heart helps. But what I have a hard time with is all the gender-specific gifts out there. When I am looking online or in store aisles, I get majorly bummed with the segregation and really, all the pink. That is just my opinion (pink is one of my least favorite colors), and I like to give all the kids in my life some options. Here are some things I have been thinking about for the ankle-biters in my life:


The Explorers Kit by Merry Thought. This kit is extraordinary. And when I think back to when I was an introverted little nature loving kid, I would have lost my damn mind if someone I loved gifted this to me. Jars to put specimens in! Magnifying glass and a plant/bird/bug guide with a field notes journal? I want to make one as a gift, then one just for me.


♠ Make your own puppets. The above photo is from an amazing tutorial to create some puppets as gifts. Or a papier mache-headed puppet, like MerMag’s here. Alternatively, you could create a little bag of notions and felt for the kids to create their own puppets.

harry-potter-stamps♠ For kids who are practicing their letters, enjoy Harry Potter, or like writing stories themselves, these Harry Potter stamps are the perfect gift. Include some envelopes and stationery (via Owl Post, of course), tied up with some string.


Tattlys. Better quality, better selection, and just more fun than the $.50 temporary tattoo machine selections. There are quite a few to choose from, they also make it easy by creating sets for you.


♠ Holiday soundtracks. Of course, Charlie Brown Christmas tops the list, because the lyrics are sung by the characters, classical music, dancy tunes…all good in kids’ eyes. But I didn’t forget some songs for Hanukkah, and music while study the Seven Principles for Kwanzaa.

♠ Slippers. Martha Stewart has the perfect felt slippers, inspired by moccasins, for little feet to slip in and out. My idea is to sew a charm or toy on the top, characteristic of that child. For my niece, it would probably be a tiny bowl of mac n cheese.

See another gift guide: Cup of Jo has TONS of gift guides, but for this post, her Chubby baby and Toddler one is perfect and very gender-friendly.

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