6 Days of Gift Ideas: Part 3

EDIBLES! I’m totally into edibles as gifts because…well, I’m an eating enthusiast. When someone takes the time to bake me their favorite batch of cookies/cake/pies, etc…it’s the ultimate heartfelt offering. Here are the top edibles on my list to wish for/give.


♠ Do figs taste like Fig Newtons, minus the cake? If so, yes, I want to try these chocolate-dipped figs.


♠ What could be more in-season than Gingerbread Apple Upside Down Cake? Personally, I’m thinking it would be an even better gift to turn it into doughnuts or mini bundts to spread one batch around to more recipients.


♠ If you live in the Phoenix area, there are a couple of great places to get bakery favorites, if baking is not your thing. Sweet Daddy’s Cupcakes, New York West Bakery and Coyote Oaties are my favorite places to get a slice of baked heaven.

♠ For slightly healthier alternatives there’s homemade granola, fruit leather or gummies!

♠ A note on presentation: I am all for a plain ol’ plate with plastic wrap on top, but if the season is moving you to something a little more festive, you could punch some holes in a plate rim and make a wreath, cover Pringles can in wrapping paper and fill, or even find some vintage tins at your local thrift and use those!

See another gift guide: Design*Sponge’s category Gift is enough to keep your head filled with ideas!

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