Happy Cold Moon


The Full Cold Moon During this month is when the winter cold fastens its grip, and nights are at their longest and darkest. It is also sometimes called the Moon before Yule. The term Long Night Moon is also an appropriate name because the midwinter night is indeed long, and because the Moon is above the horizon for a long time. The midwinter full Moon has a high trajectory across the sky because it is opposite a low Sun.

Being so firmly in the cold season, you may think there is nothing to do. But, there is much. You may be “stuck” indoors near a fire, or under a pile of perfectly worn blankets, but that doesn’t mean your mind cannot stretch. This moon is the perfect time to protect your house from winter ices, to care for plants that have been neglected (don’t prune them, just keep them warm and don’t forget to water them!), and to turn inward. Reflect on the past year, make a plan of attack for the next. I love to take my inspiration board off the wall, strip everything off and start anew. What will 2014 mean to me? I still haven’t figured out the guides yet, but above all, I like to keep in mind a personal credo of mine: “be excellent to each other.”

Now is the perfect time for you to think about yourself spiritually – whatever that means to you. In the dark of winter, you know that spring and light will be here again. Rebirth in nature, as in life.

If you’ve already put the darkness behind you, take your good fortune and share it with others. When it’s cold outside, open your heart and home to friends and family. Reach out to people who might be suffering from the chill of winter, either spiritually or physically. Even listening helps more than you think.

Some other things to do/work on/plan while you are under those blankets:

♠ Get rid of that holiday stress.

♠ Get your bake on, with the Best of Winter Baking.

♠ Think about your 2014 capsule wardrobe, even plan some pieces. what is a capsule wardobe? I have mentioned Madame Chic before, but hey, think about getting the book and reading up on it for the new year!

♠ Speaking of forecasting 2014, you can DIY a planner/notebook/journal or if you’d rather, the Moleskine 2014 planner is pretty rad. With a few different colors, my new favorite thing is the “turntable” feature, so you can turn it to the side and use it that way as well!

♠ Give the space you spend the most time in – be it bedroom, living room, kitchen – a good scrub and switcheroo. Wash the sheets/pillows/blankets/towels, swap out the pillows for something moody, clear the space so there is room to read/bake/sleep. Put things in their places and if they don’t have a place, question whether they are needed in your life.

♠ Create road trip plans for 2014. Number 1 on my list is to get a brand new car, then plan said road trips in that car. Probably revolving around camping since with a new car I won’t be able to afford motels.

Obsidian and ruby are the gemstones that are most valuable this time of year.

♠ Read about Saturnalia.

I hope you have enjoyed the year in moon names.

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