In Honor of Cold Weather Back East, Some Frosty Links!

cold moon snuggled in blanket

♠ Okay, it’s actually just one “frosty” link, but it’s a doozy: The Coldest City in the World. It is so cold there that moisture coming off of anything (even people!) turns the air foggy all day long.

♠ Justina Blakeney has some great tips to grow your Instagram following, if you are into that sort of thing.

♠ Ben Acker and Ben Blacker chat about my favorite of the Thrilling Adventure Hour programs, Beyond Belief.

Baby animals in the womb, via PBS Studios. If you really take some time looking at these, you can sort of imagine being suspended and completely at ease.

@HistoryInPics is “a genuine phenomenon built entirely on Twitter,” by two teenagers.Read the story here.

Fireworks in the daytime looks strange.


♠ Frida Kahlo’s wardrobe will finally be going on display.

Links For the Week

prescott-treesHere we go, diving into the links of the week:

Pig Candy made me think it was something sweet pigs enjoyed, not…bacon. But I’ll take it.

♠ I have to design some new business cards for my sister, and I love the idea of painting stripes on the side like Oh Happy Day!

30 Best Buddy Cop Partnerships. “Utah…gimme 2.”

♠ Help the Frida Cinema! Hey, Jess, what’s a Frida Cinema? Here’s a backstory, from a personal view via This Cinematic Life.

♠ Getting all my stationery, postcards, and stamps ready for Letter Month (Lettermo)! It’s a good goal for new and seasoned letter writers.

♠ Speaking of letters, do you know what happens to dead letters, the undeliverable letters with no return address? What happens when that something that can’t be returned, is a person? One comic book creator is treating his amnesiac character as a “Dead Letter.”

♠ Desk tweaks to change the way you work, and maximize your creativity.

♠ A stunning femme fatale, via Annplified.

Light painting to capture ghost towns, with unsettling (to me) results

♠ The rise of the American Superheroine

♠ The global distribution of…flamingos.

Friday Links


Happy first full week of the new year! I have been furiously trying to make shit happen – should that be my 2014 motto? – and make the best of every situation this week. I have been feeling kind of run down and as much as I hate to admit it, I think it’s all the processed crap in my life. Nutty Bars, you give me a stomach ache that I hate to admit. So, while I make a grocery plan of attack for next week, please enjoy these links I have for you!

♠ One of my favorite authors right now Sara Gran, with other amazing author Meg Abbott, wrote about V.C. Andrews and Flowers in the Attic, and it is a must read for girls of a certain generation.

♠ The tradeoff: Time vs. Money when it comes to wardrobe. Although this is written for men, the main principle is the same for ladies: you can find great clothing items piecemeal, and over long stretches of time, for very cheap if you work at it. Or, you can get it all at once and be done with it, but it will cost quite a bit more.

♠ A longread from the incomparable Roxanne Gay about unlikable female protagonists.

♠ Advice to young women from a centenarian: Figure out what you want.

♠ 1996 me is excited about the Clearly Canadian reemergence possibility.

Lumberjanes. Undercuts, flannel, girls at camp fighting monsters. Everything I want in a comic!

♠ Resolutions, the creative way.

♠ You say Twin Peaks vibe and Juliette Lewis is attached, I say, I’ll get the popcorn. Wayward Pines, if you’re as entertaining as Sleepy Hollow, I’ll give you a chance!

♠ Ditch what you thought you knew about Marilyn Monroe, zaftig star. She was a minimalist – unlike most Hollywood starlets now – and “unimaginably slender.”

♠ A list of lists – Best of 2013 book lists.

New Year, New, New, New

It seems so cliché, and it might even be cliché me saying it’s cliché, but I love starting the new year with a new batch of goals. Of course, I make new ones throughout the year, and ditch the ones that don’t work out. But it is really nice to break up the cold winter with some optimistic, bright shiny inspiration.

I have almost finished my new 2014 inspiration board, with a side-by-side of last year’s.

Of course, what would thinking about goals be without a list?

♠ Start to think SMART -er, not harder.

♠ Make it happen. What is “it?” It is whatever you have been daydreaming about doing, but created a bundle of reasons no to do. Lara Casey has a whole bunch of ways to help you for 2014. You can buy the whole Powersheet set, or think about the steps she outlines in this post.

♠ Tips for creating thoughtful resolutions.

♠ I am working on creating my 2014 editorial blog calendar, so I don’t get ahead of myself with ideas and publish things that aren’t really what I want. Plus, I there won’t be long stretches of time without any writing from yours truly!

♠ Speaking of calendars, I also need to find a good budget and meal planner. The thought of organizing this much makes me feel really strong and clear of mind!