New Year, New, New, New

It seems so cliché, and it might even be cliché me saying it’s cliché, but I love starting the new year with a new batch of goals. Of course, I make new ones throughout the year, and ditch the ones that don’t work out. But it is really nice to break up the cold winter with some optimistic, bright shiny inspiration.

I have almost finished my new 2014 inspiration board, with a side-by-side of last year’s.

Of course, what would thinking about goals be without a list?

♠ Start to think SMART -er, not harder.

♠ Make it happen. What is “it?” It is whatever you have been daydreaming about doing, but created a bundle of reasons no to do. Lara Casey has a whole bunch of ways to help you for 2014. You can buy the whole Powersheet set, or think about the steps she outlines in this post.

♠ Tips for creating thoughtful resolutions.

♠ I am working on creating my 2014 editorial blog calendar, so I don’t get ahead of myself with ideas and publish things that aren’t really what I want. Plus, I there won’t be long stretches of time without any writing from yours truly!

♠ Speaking of calendars, I also need to find a good budget and meal planner. The thought of organizing this much makes me feel really strong and clear of mind!

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