Links For the Week

prescott-treesHere we go, diving into the links of the week:

Pig Candy made me think it was something sweet pigs enjoyed, not…bacon. But I’ll take it.

♠ I have to design some new business cards for my sister, and I love the idea of painting stripes on the side like Oh Happy Day!

30 Best Buddy Cop Partnerships. “Utah…gimme 2.”

♠ Help the Frida Cinema! Hey, Jess, what’s a Frida Cinema? Here’s a backstory, from a personal view via This Cinematic Life.

♠ Getting all my stationery, postcards, and stamps ready for Letter Month (Lettermo)! It’s a good goal for new and seasoned letter writers.

♠ Speaking of letters, do you know what happens to dead letters, the undeliverable letters with no return address? What happens when that something that can’t be returned, is a person? One comic book creator is treating his amnesiac character as a “Dead Letter.”

♠ Desk tweaks to change the way you work, and maximize your creativity.

♠ A stunning femme fatale, via Annplified.

Light painting to capture ghost towns, with unsettling (to me) results

♠ The rise of the American Superheroine

♠ The global distribution of…flamingos.

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