Fun Memories from Childhood

Every once in a while, a smell or an object will hit me with a nostalgic wave. Does that ever happen to you? Not just a passing “Oh, I remember that!” but a huge wave that hits you like a strong deja vu, making you so sentimental it almost brings you to tears. Thanks to BuzzFeed, so many things we have enjoyed as a kid have been brought on into the spotlight again, but most of them are consumer products. I’m talking mostly about memories.

♠ Crayon shavings

♠ Apple butter on a warm graham cracker

♠ Plastic charm necklaces

clarissa-90s♠ Bike shorts under dresses. Clarissa did it, so you better believe I did.

♠ OTTER POPS and DIY frozens. My cousin and I used to freeze bowls of Dr. Pepper and then sit on the stoop and scoop to our hearts content.

♠ Reading encyclopedias/Greek myths/Egyptian myths just for the sake of it. Not having to use it for reports, just the nerd in me reading encyclopedias for fun.

♠ swimming until my lips were blue and my dad forcing me to get out of the pool


♠ splatter paint (or spirograph style) shirts. I had at least 2 shirts with my name on them, covered in splatter paint or in that spirograph style.

♠ air popped popcorn

♠ notes and back-and-forth journals.

♠ CKOne and Gap Grass. Those smells are like Proust’s madeleines, instantly transporting me to my old room, reading sassy and pairing combat boots with dresses.

Galentines Day


Just wanted to wish all my lady friends a happy Galentines Day. I love the thought of celebrating your friends by joining up for breakfast, throwing parties, giving little fun presents and generally, just loving on your BFFs.

This year, I decided to create a Pinterest board, to keep all my ideas all in one place. Some are extravagant, but most are either DIYs or under $30.

If a close friend of yours lives long distance and has a “regular” place she gets coffee, tea, or whatever, call ahead and prepay for her. Yes, it takes a little bit of work, but the surprise will be WELL worth it. Or, send her a book/movie in the mail via amazon, or even gift cards to her local movie theater, so you can chat about the latest novels or movies you’ve experienced together! I also am fully promoting courting lady friends if you feel you don’t have at least one real true friend.

For some other ideas for spreading love or other kindnesses, check out Scathingly Brilliant’s “Try a Little Kindness” series, complete with printables. Or create your own dip dye stationery to gift to your BFF, so you two can keep in touch in a more intimate way than email.


Victoria Will’s Tintypes

I know that everyone and their mother has been talking about Victoria Will’s tin types, but I just had to post a couple because as someone who has worked in a darkroom, and has made a few Van Dykes, the way these look is absolutely STUNNING.

victoria-will-sundance-portraits-jason-momoaJason Momoa

The poses were planned out before the photo was taken, and it was taken with a long exposure, so it must have been thrilling to watch as the actor kind of settles in and holds whatever pose they chose. It really makes staring into their eyes more uncomfortable, because they have had time to sit and focus on the camera, to really kind of think about what they are doing.


I just love them. It has definitely inspired me to keep going on my portrait project for the year. I may not be skilled enough to create tin types, but maybe I can figure out how to be more comfortable with a subject.

philip-seymour-hoffmanOf course this one of Hoffman is one of my favorites. One of the last photos taken of him, ever.

Pen Pal Scavenger Hunt Revealed!

Thanks to this Secret Penpal Scavenger Hunt, I have a new pen pal that could very well help me step up my creativity in regards to mail art.

The hardest part was waiting. I was so excited to open it up, I couldn’t even wait til the next day to get good lighting for the shots, so my photos are all “moody,” i.e. at night.spsh-reveal-1My pen pal’s name is Katzi, she lives in Georgia, and she seems majorly rad. She is incredibly clever, patient, and sent me the coolest pen pal package ever.

spsh-reveal-2One of my favorite elements, besides the Bettie Page!, was her flash drive. She works in audio/visual stuff, so she sent me something I can plug into my computer and see her town and her life, almost through her eyes. Very cool.

spsh-reveal-3She sent me a mini writing kit, goodies from her favorite coffee shops/restaurants around town, and little crafts she used to make. As a bonus, she saw the “My Home Bar” series on my site, and sent along some Prohibition-era cocktail recipes, and I just about swooned! Many of them I haven’t tried yet, so I gotta grab a new bottle of gin and get my flapper dress out!