Pen Pal Scavenger Hunt Revealed!

Thanks to this Secret Penpal Scavenger Hunt, I have a new pen pal that could very well help me step up my creativity in regards to mail art.

The hardest part was waiting. I was so excited to open it up, I couldn’t even wait til the next day to get good lighting for the shots, so my photos are all “moody,” i.e. at night.spsh-reveal-1My pen pal’s name is Katzi, she lives in Georgia, and she seems majorly rad. She is incredibly clever, patient, and sent me the coolest pen pal package ever.

spsh-reveal-2One of my favorite elements, besides the Bettie Page!, was her flash drive. She works in audio/visual stuff, so she sent me something I can plug into my computer and see her town and her life, almost through her eyes. Very cool.

spsh-reveal-3She sent me a mini writing kit, goodies from her favorite coffee shops/restaurants around town, and little crafts she used to make. As a bonus, she saw the “My Home Bar” series on my site, and sent along some Prohibition-era cocktail recipes, and I just about swooned! Many of them I haven’t tried yet, so I gotta grab a new bottle of gin and get my flapper dress out!

3 thoughts on “Pen Pal Scavenger Hunt Revealed!

  1. Katzi is really creative indeed! She shared the video on her blog too and I was so impressed by it! It’s definitely a very unique thing to include in a parcel, isn’t it?!

    Thanks again for joining, I’m really glad to know you had a positive experience with this swap!

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