Victoria Will’s Tintypes

I know that everyone and their mother has been talking about Victoria Will’s tin types, but I just had to post a couple because as someone who has worked in a darkroom, and has made a few Van Dykes, the way these look is absolutely STUNNING.

victoria-will-sundance-portraits-jason-momoaJason Momoa

The poses were planned out before the photo was taken, and it was taken with a long exposure, so it must have been thrilling to watch as the actor kind of settles in and holds whatever pose they chose. It really makes staring into their eyes more uncomfortable, because they have had time to sit and focus on the camera, to really kind of think about what they are doing.


I just love them. It has definitely inspired me to keep going on my portrait project for the year. I may not be skilled enough to create tin types, but maybe I can figure out how to be more comfortable with a subject.

philip-seymour-hoffmanOf course this one of Hoffman is one of my favorites. One of the last photos taken of him, ever.

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