Galentines Day


Just wanted to wish all my lady friends a happy Galentines Day. I love the thought of celebrating your friends by joining up for breakfast, throwing parties, giving little fun presents and generally, just loving on your BFFs.

This year, I decided to create a Pinterest board, to keep all my ideas all in one place. Some are extravagant, but most are either DIYs or under $30.

If a close friend of yours lives long distance and has a “regular” place she gets coffee, tea, or whatever, call ahead and prepay for her. Yes, it takes a little bit of work, but the surprise will be WELL worth it. Or, send her a book/movie in the mail via amazon, or even gift cards to her local movie theater, so you can chat about the latest novels or movies you’ve experienced together! I also am fully promoting courting lady friends if you feel you don’t have at least one real true friend.

For some other ideas for spreading love or other kindnesses, check out Scathingly Brilliant’s “Try a Little Kindness” series, complete with printables. Or create your own dip dye stationery to gift to your BFF, so you two can keep in touch in a more intimate way than email.


2 thoughts on “Galentines Day

  1. Bravo and well-said! When I was at the Grand Canyon, I called Katie’s favorite place for coffee, etc. I was overjoyed to speak to someone that said, “Oh, I know Katie!” when I described her. I bought her a gift card and asked the girl if she could just tell Katie the next time she went there that her momma had bought her coffee. I couldn’t stop crying, just thinking about it. Those little things mean a whole lot, especially when things are long-distance. ❤

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