Fun Memories from Childhood

Every once in a while, a smell or an object will hit me with a nostalgic wave. Does that ever happen to you? Not just a passing “Oh, I remember that!” but a huge wave that hits you like a strong deja vu, making you so sentimental it almost brings you to tears. Thanks to BuzzFeed, so many things we have enjoyed as a kid have been brought on into the spotlight again, but most of them are consumer products. I’m talking mostly about memories.

♠ Crayon shavings

♠ Apple butter on a warm graham cracker

♠ Plastic charm necklaces

clarissa-90s♠ Bike shorts under dresses. Clarissa did it, so you better believe I did.

♠ OTTER POPS and DIY frozens. My cousin and I used to freeze bowls of Dr. Pepper and then sit on the stoop and scoop to our hearts content.

♠ Reading encyclopedias/Greek myths/Egyptian myths just for the sake of it. Not having to use it for reports, just the nerd in me reading encyclopedias for fun.

♠ swimming until my lips were blue and my dad forcing me to get out of the pool


♠ splatter paint (or spirograph style) shirts. I had at least 2 shirts with my name on them, covered in splatter paint or in that spirograph style.

♠ air popped popcorn

♠ notes and back-and-forth journals.

♠ CKOne and Gap Grass. Those smells are like Proust’s madeleines, instantly transporting me to my old room, reading sassy and pairing combat boots with dresses.

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