My Home Bar: National Licorice Day

Tomorrow is National Licorice Day!

waynes-world-licoriceHow Movies Influence My Eating Habits

I love that Wayne’s World in-car red rope dispenser. Come to find out I was not the only little kid in the 90s (cough cough my boyfriend) that dreamed about having one in their cool teen car.

I love all sorts of licorice. Unlike the Wyatts, I am not married to any brand or flavor. Just no black licorice. Except whatever’s in Fernet Branca.

In honor of the day I’m going to drink all my drinks today out of licorice straws, including a drink that calls for it The Porkchop.

The Porkchop: Cut the end off the bottom side of a Twizzler, place in glass. Fill glass with ice.

Add 1 oz. Mandarin Absolut Vodka + 1/2 oz. raspberry Schnapps.

Top off with pineapple juice. Bite off that first bit of Twizzler and you have your straw.


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