A Poem in Your Pocket: A DIY

“April is the cruellest month…”

Moreso than cruel, April is one of my favorite months because of grilled cheeses and National Poetry Month!

Want to create a pocket square with a poem on it? Get some ideas from Generation T:


There are a couple poems I have memorized a few lines, because the images they provoked in my mind were so vivid I could never forget them.

ee cummings the sky was candy luminous,

Lord Byron she walks in beauty like the night.

Charles Bukowski these teeth are never finally the teeth of love.

Dean Young, from “Poem Without Forgiveness.”

the heart hoards its thorns,

just as the rose profligates.

just because you’ve had enough

doesn’t mean you wanted too much.

What are your favorite poems?

3 thoughts on “A Poem in Your Pocket: A DIY

  1. I will always love the poetry of Nicole Blackman. Her poetry was a BIG part of my youth. And I always make sure to have Shakespeare’s Sonnets nearby. They, too, were a big part of my youth 😀

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