Links for the Week

Last Friday got super crazy around here for me, so I saved these links so I could talk about them this week.

Elvis’ hairstylist has some super tips, and captivating stories about his time with The King and his coif.

♠ I have been receiving updates and toying with a “PepperGazette” for a few years now via Newspaper Club. They have just begun a beta that is even more up my alley: PaperLater. “PaperLater is a new service, brought to you by Newspaper Club, to help take stuff you don’t want to read on screen and print it as a newspaper. It’s quick and easy and only £4.99.” I imagine it will be a little pricier across the pond, but I am still willing to pay to print out all these articles I have stacked up, print them into a newspaper, and read it while sipping coffee in a cabin on vacation. Or a hammock in my backyard…whatever.

♠ An interesting read about western psychology’s neglect of male tribalism

Rare recordings of famous authors.

♠ Have you ever tried drawing from a source…upside down? I have learned it helps quite a bit with focusing on lines and contours, rather than how your brain sees it.

♠ Friendships after 50 and the 5 Types of Friends Everyone Should Have. Included with that, I would like to add this amazing friendship after 50:


♠ It is the first post of this series, but I am already invested in the “Half Assed Meals With Jena” on One Part Plant. Yum!

♠ I do love a good challenge! Especially when it comes to working on my photo game.


My Bourbon Book

Today is national bourbon day. Anyone who follows me on twitter or instagram, or just knows me in general, knows my fondness for cocktails and more specifically, bourbon. I just really enjoy that flavor more than anything else.

I am obsessed with top 10 lists (well, lists in general) of the best boozes. Most of the time these lists are filled with $60 and up bottles that I just have to remember to ask for Xmas or forget about until I win the Mega Millions. But once in a while, a trusted source, like Esquire, puts out a list of the best inexpensives. Also, Serious Drinks does a series called “Drinking the Bottom Shelf” that is helpful as well. Those make me so happy!

Last year, I began a Little Bourbon Book, in a little Field Notes book. I have a terrible memory, and when I get to the store to buy a bourbon, I often forget if I have already tried a bottle, and even if I liked it. So the notebook is a way to keep track of the bourbons I try, what they taste like, and if I like them enough to buy them again. I also have been using my Super Shooter to take photos of them, to incorporate another hobby into it. For the most part, it has been super helpful, except when I forget to write in it but still take the photo. Then there is the “did I like this one?” moment, and I have to buy it again. But it is still fun to look back and remember the goodies. And even though I am still a major noob in the whiskey world, I know what I like and what I don’t.

Anyway…here some other tangentially-related bourbon stuff I like.

bourbon-collageClockwise from top left: Vintage Bourbon decanter tag necklace via LazyPeacock, barrel aged bourbon candle via Chicago Candle Co., moonshine jug earrings and Bourbon parfum from Demeter Fragrances.

Some Links For the Week

I have just started to get back into blogging regularly (had some major stuff the first half of the year, now I am free to finish a bunch of on-hold projects), so I thought this would be a great place to start, spewing out some links. And this week, it looks like this will be a lady-centric bunch of links. I love when there’s a tentative theme.

♠ There have been some great leaps in ladies and girls into the world of comics/science/equality, but so many little girls are still solely inundated with “princess only” media. So I am excited to find out about Augie and the Green Knight. A Kickstarter started by a new dad, who realized he loved adventure books, and wanted to share them, and make his daughter feel like she could be a part of them. augie-and-the-green-knightJust this picture makes me wish this was around when I was younger, because this girl, was most definitely me. On another note, the Flavia de Luce series by Alan Bradley is a great start for older kids (Flavia is 11 years old) into the world of young detectives, right before you hit Nancy Drew. Also, perfectly acceptable for adults, because I devour them as well.

♠  Speaking of adults, Molly Crabapple wrote an article about turning 30, and because I turned 30 a couple months ago, this is something I wish I could keep close to my heart.

“In most fields, men have the power. Drinking the countless cocktails with which I solidified professional relationships, I got used to dreading propositions. When I stopped getting them, the delight of being equal, rather than just fuckable, hit me like a kiss.”

♠ Random backstory: I had a BFF in school who was as obsessed with Sailor Moon as I. She was smaller than me, so when we found out that Factory 2-U sold Sailor Moon shoes in little kids’ sizes, she was able to fit into them and I was not. (::flames, on the side of my face::) I got over it, and now I can relive the most important part of that story (Sailor Moon) thanks to Hulu. Also, Sailor Moon stickers like this.

♠ Quite a few great comics out there in there world – have I mentioned Pretty Deadly and Sex Criminals before? – but my new favorite that gets me amped for life and summer fun is Lumberjanes. Also, yet another person who makes me want to undercut my hair.

Stoop Style. Sporadically posting since 2011, this woman has more style in her dog than I have in my whole closet. I guess that’s why it is confidently titled Stoop*erior Style.

♠ As someone who works in an industry where the dreaded “networking” is required, Jess Hische’s networking tips are invaluable for an introvert like me.

♠ Lastly, not specifically female, but I know for a fact I have broken more sunglasses than all the dudes I know. Turn broken sunglasses into photo frames.


Happy National Doughnut Day!

fancy-donut-gifFancy Donut Party via Oh Happy Day

My favorite made up holiday – besides Grilled Cheese Month – is National Doughnut/Donut Day. Like I need an excuse to inhale doughnuts, really. But it is nice that so many places have specials on these king of confections. And so delightful that they are popular and on-trend enough to be featured on TONS of blogs. Every year I get more and more ideas piled into my Partying board until I throw one epic doughnut party that will be so epic, people will have hangovers. In the meantime, I will have mini parties all year with all these elements:

donut-day-collageDonut Printables from Oh Happy Day; Donut Balloons from Studio DIY; Donut Garland from House That Lars Built; and our local vegan confection shop Nami, will be having Doughnut Sundaes. Does that look epic or what?

Also, this is definitely something that here in Arizona we would have to do in winter but…DONUT TREE!donut-tree-party