Some Links For the Week

I have just started to get back into blogging regularly (had some major stuff the first half of the year, now I am free to finish a bunch of on-hold projects), so I thought this would be a great place to start, spewing out some links. And this week, it looks like this will be a lady-centric bunch of links. I love when there’s a tentative theme.

♠ There have been some great leaps in ladies and girls into the world of comics/science/equality, but so many little girls are still solely inundated with “princess only” media. So I am excited to find out about Augie and the Green Knight. A Kickstarter started by a new dad, who realized he loved adventure books, and wanted to share them, and make his daughter feel like she could be a part of them. augie-and-the-green-knightJust this picture makes me wish this was around when I was younger, because this girl, was most definitely me. On another note, the Flavia de Luce series by Alan Bradley is a great start for older kids (Flavia is 11 years old) into the world of young detectives, right before you hit Nancy Drew. Also, perfectly acceptable for adults, because I devour them as well.

♠  Speaking of adults, Molly Crabapple wrote an article about turning 30, and because I turned 30 a couple months ago, this is something I wish I could keep close to my heart.

“In most fields, men have the power. Drinking the countless cocktails with which I solidified professional relationships, I got used to dreading propositions. When I stopped getting them, the delight of being equal, rather than just fuckable, hit me like a kiss.”

♠ Random backstory: I had a BFF in school who was as obsessed with Sailor Moon as I. She was smaller than me, so when we found out that Factory 2-U sold Sailor Moon shoes in little kids’ sizes, she was able to fit into them and I was not. (::flames, on the side of my face::) I got over it, and now I can relive the most important part of that story (Sailor Moon) thanks to Hulu. Also, Sailor Moon stickers like this.

♠ Quite a few great comics out there in there world – have I mentioned Pretty Deadly and Sex Criminals before? – but my new favorite that gets me amped for life and summer fun is Lumberjanes. Also, yet another person who makes me want to undercut my hair.

Stoop Style. Sporadically posting since 2011, this woman has more style in her dog than I have in my whole closet. I guess that’s why it is confidently titled Stoop*erior Style.

♠ As someone who works in an industry where the dreaded “networking” is required, Jess Hische’s networking tips are invaluable for an introvert like me.

♠ Lastly, not specifically female, but I know for a fact I have broken more sunglasses than all the dudes I know. Turn broken sunglasses into photo frames.


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