My Bourbon Book

Today is national bourbon day. Anyone who follows me on twitter or instagram, or just knows me in general, knows my fondness for cocktails and more specifically, bourbon. I just really enjoy that flavor more than anything else.

I am obsessed with top 10 lists (well, lists in general) of the best boozes. Most of the time these lists are filled with $60 and up bottles that I just have to remember to ask for Xmas or forget about until I win the Mega Millions. But once in a while, a trusted source, like Esquire, puts out a list of the best inexpensives. Also, Serious Drinks does a series called “Drinking the Bottom Shelf” that is helpful as well. Those make me so happy!

Last year, I began a Little Bourbon Book, in a little Field Notes book. I have a terrible memory, and when I get to the store to buy a bourbon, I often forget if I have already tried a bottle, and even if I liked it. So the notebook is a way to keep track of the bourbons I try, what they taste like, and if I like them enough to buy them again. I also have been using my Super Shooter to take photos of them, to incorporate another hobby into it. For the most part, it has been super helpful, except when I forget to write in it but still take the photo. Then there is the “did I like this one?” moment, and I have to buy it again. But it is still fun to look back and remember the goodies. And even though I am still a major noob in the whiskey world, I know what I like and what I don’t.

Anyway…here some other tangentially-related bourbon stuff I like.

bourbon-collageClockwise from top left: Vintage Bourbon decanter tag necklace via LazyPeacock, barrel aged bourbon candle via Chicago Candle Co., moonshine jug earrings and Bourbon parfum from Demeter Fragrances.

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