Links of the Week

disney-tumblersI love these retro Disney Tumblers so much I would be tempted to get rid of all my other glasses.

This week has been unimaginably hot – we hit 117° on the day after it rained – so my determination is only as long as I can type before having to go stand in front of the fan again.

Let’s see what morsels I found this last week:

♠ I had to take all the images, documents, etc. off my work computer so they I could upgrade to a newer hard drive, Windows…long story short, one of the flash drives I used for my stuff somehow got corrupted before I could reinstall the items. I was crushed. I tried several recovery programs, but they are just…swoosh…gone. I hope that I can just let it go…maybe it was a good thing.

♠ I am not a huge fan of cumin, but jeera water sounds pretty fancy, and promotes all around wellness, so it could be worth a try. What really struck me was the other part of the story. Let me show you another way.

♠ Did you know that famous painter Johannes Vermeer only painted 35 works in his lifetime? This series looks at a couple possible additions, and the quest for owning something so infinitely rare and priceless.

Tide changes are so poetic, without trying too hard. My favorite:


♠ I am always looking for ways to stay inspired to shoot more film photos, especially in the heat. The latest book published of the Find Rangers Camera Club is just absolutely the inspiration I needed. There aren’t very many of #3 left, but you can get other items, or even submit for #4!

♠ Tomorrow is the new moon. Even if you don’t believe in the power of energies and all that, writing down intentions is a great way to stay on track or to brainstorm new projects. So tomorrow, grab your favorite healthy drink, find a spot where you can think for at least 10 minutes uninterrupted, and get out a piece of paper and just write.

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