Turntable Tuesday: My First Vinyl

So, I was thinking back to the first tunes I heard when I was little, ones I remember that have stuck with me through the years. Thankfully, my parents had some pretty good albums that my little tiny ears first heard.

One of them was News of the World. And while I loved those songs and sang along – even with the vacuum blaring in the background – I was completely frightened of the album cover.


WHY WAS THE NEWS OF THE WORLD THAT THIS ROBOT KILLED QUEEN?! I think I was maybe 5 or 6, and since then, those similar-looking robots instill an uneasy fear in me. How dare they live while Freddie Mercury is gone.

Sidenote: I have no idea why I never looked it up before, but the story behind the cover confirms my fears: science fiction robots!

Anyway, Queen good, lifeless automatons bad. vintage-robots

The second one is Tina the Ballerina. I have no idea where the album came from, but it was in the collection. All little people have the “dancer” stage, right? Luckily, your mind and body (for the most part) are fluid when you are young, so you can imagine being a dancer just as much as you can imagine having ice cream for dinner that night.

I was convinces if I spun around on my tippy toes enough, I too could become a prima ballerina. Alas, after taking ballet for a few years, I realized my natural clumsiness got in the way of these particular dreams. Don’t be sad for me, there are far better – and worse – things that happened to me than being crushed by a ballet dream.

Links for the Week

♠ Kids Interview Bands interviewed Brody Dalle, featuring pancake mountain and Spice Girls trivia.

Women are tired of being judged by the Esquire Metric, featuring the best line in a story, possibly ever: “I don’t fucking care if you like it.” There are a lot of things I overlook about Esquire, because I really only care about the food and drink aspects, but yes to all of this article.

♠ And on that same note, one woman read that article was inspired by what she read. So much so she created this tee to commemorate:




♠ Breaking news: Molly Ringwald’s daughter as adorable as her.

♠ Still trying to hold on to summer? I am not at all with you. I have been loading up playlists full of spooky, midnight autumn tunes. But for those who want to make the last days of summer worth it, The Knocks has a great summer song or, just look through the Rookie music archives.

♠ Are you raising your kid to be kind?

♠ The best “Keith Moon-type drummer” would have been 68 tomorrow. Their performance on the Smother Brothers blew my mind when I was a young freshman in my university dorm.


Midyear Roundabout


Did I even write down my goals for the year? I cannot for the life of me remember January. No wonder so many people keep journals. I probably should, but you know what Tallulah Bankhead says.

Anyway, after I took five seconds to look in the archive, yeah, I did make some goals. And you know what? I realized they were vague and, well, shitty.

I should have been more specific so I had something measurable to say “hey Jessie, good job,” or “What the fuck were you doing this year that you couldn’t learn to bake one new thing?”


I figured now would be a great time to shift to a different way of thinking, closer to how I want my mind to be. Have some specific ideas, but leave them open to interpretation.

Here’s my new end of year list:

– take a road trip

– declutter more and more

– create a relaxing and useful guest room

– find the best way to make coffee concentrate

– shoot 4 rolls of film

– celebrate Noirvember

– find a photobooth

– read 5 books

– take a class

– learn to make a new dinner

– bike 50 miles

I think I can still get most of these done with my last 4 months. Plus, I feel more optimistic day by day, as the days get slightly shorter, and the heavy, hazy daze of summer are almost behind.

My Home Bar: Just Peachy

I was just telling a friend the other day I ate so many peaches in different forms this summer, that I am Done with peaches…until next summer.

That being said, there is a reason I couldn’t stop with this certain stone fruit. Not only is it great alone or with a little dollop of cream, but it’s subtle flavor goes with just about anything summery you can think of: pies, grills, cocktails.

I wish I could grow a peach tree, and not just for the obvious reasons.


And ::sigh:: then it would be as easy as going to the backyard to harvest a cocktail. Anyway, on to my top three peach cocktails this summer…

The Just Peachy via The Bourbon Babe

1 peach

1.5 ounces bourbon of your choice

Fill a glass halfway with crushed ice. Squeeze in the juice from one peach. Pour in 1.5 ounces of Four Roses Yellow Label. Stir and enjoy. I love this recipe because it only requires a couple ingredients.


The Peachy Keen: 1.5 oz. bourbon, 1oz peach liqueur (mine is strong stuff from friends in Poland), .5 oz lemon juice. Shake and sit on a sunset-lit patio while enjoying.


The Bourbon Belle: 2oz bourbon (3 if it’s your first cocktail), 1/2 oz peach liqueur, 1/2 oz sweet vermouth, 2 dash bitters. Shake, strain, enjoy. This one, because of the vermouth, is a little more grounded and not as summer-light, but still a great drink.

(photos via my Instagram)


Pretty Excited About New Albums Day

I got an email from Karen O.

I mean, it wasn’t personally addressed or anything. But still. She wanted to tell me to pre-order her new album and I blinked (blunk?) hard. New Karen O? Yes please with a side of right now!

Not 20 minutes later, I found out Dan the Automator had a new album with M.E. Winstead (together called Got a Girl) just released and my music gaskets just about blew right there.


So, needless to say, I am as happy as 2006 Jess with my YYYs frontwoman and 1/3 of Lovage putting creative and simply brilliant new music into the world to listen to this autumn. So stoked to ride around the neighborhood, blasting I Love You But I Must Drive Off This Cliff Now and Crush Songs in my ears.

Links of the Week

This week’s theme is definitely Long Reads so beware, if you’re of the TL;DR set. Links this week are few, but of robust construction.

C.S. Lewis on Suffering and What It Means to Have Free Will in a Universe of Fixed Laws. Itself, the article isn’t too long, but then factor in the last paragraph, and you have hours/days of good reading:

The Problem of Pain is a pause-giving read in its entirety. Complement it with Lewis on duty, the secret of happiness, and writing “for children” and the key to authenticity in all writing, then revisit Jane Goodall on science and spirituality.”

To Burn To Burst Blaze: Making Sense of Suicide with Sylvia Plath. This is a pretty heavy read, and you’re never truly “in the mood” to read about someone’s feelings about suicide, but this is a good, good read. “…what I’m really scared of is that the succumbing wasn’t blissful at all. I’m afraid that you both choked and suffocated…or, worst of all, that you realized too late you didn’t want to do this. ”

♠ And like most BuzzFeed links, the above one has a few others you might be interested in, too, as they pertain to long reads. The Origin of Long Things, I Joined a Telephone Laughter Club, Long Form Stories we’re Reading this Week is from last October, but the stories are still great.

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