Midyear Roundabout


Did I even write down my goals for the year? I cannot for the life of me remember January. No wonder so many people keep journals. I probably should, but you know what Tallulah Bankhead says.

Anyway, after I took five seconds to look in the archive, yeah, I did make some goals. And you know what? I realized they were vague and, well, shitty.

I should have been more specific so I had something measurable to say “hey Jessie, good job,” or “What the fuck were you doing this year that you couldn’t learn to bake one new thing?”


I figured now would be a great time to shift to a different way of thinking, closer to how I want my mind to be. Have some specific ideas, but leave them open to interpretation.

Here’s my new end of year list:

– take a road trip

– declutter more and more

– create a relaxing and useful guest room

– find the best way to make coffee concentrate

– shoot 4 rolls of film

– celebrate Noirvember

– find a photobooth

– read 5 books

– take a class

– learn to make a new dinner

– bike 50 miles

I think I can still get most of these done with my last 4 months. Plus, I feel more optimistic day by day, as the days get slightly shorter, and the heavy, hazy daze of summer are almost behind.

3 thoughts on “Midyear Roundabout

  1. Mmmm new dinner! Maybe I recommend lentil tacos? I just made them for the first time last night (my first time cooking lentils ever, actually, haha) and they were super yummy (and vegan!) (wait nevermind I added cheese) (sorry)

    1. I will definitely give those a shot. I tried lentils last year and hated them, but after watching Jamie Oliver fix them in a meal, maybe I could make them tasty. Send me your secret lentil taco recipe!

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