Links for the Week

♠ Kids Interview Bands interviewed Brody Dalle, featuring pancake mountain and Spice Girls trivia.

Women are tired of being judged by the Esquire Metric, featuring the best line in a story, possibly ever: “I don’t fucking care if you like it.” There are a lot of things I overlook about Esquire, because I really only care about the food and drink aspects, but yes to all of this article.

♠ And on that same note, one woman read that article was inspired by what she read. So much so she created this tee to commemorate:




♠ Breaking news: Molly Ringwald’s daughter as adorable as her.

♠ Still trying to hold on to summer? I am not at all with you. I have been loading up playlists full of spooky, midnight autumn tunes. But for those who want to make the last days of summer worth it, The Knocks has a great summer song or, just look through the Rookie music archives.

♠ Are you raising your kid to be kind?

♠ The best “Keith Moon-type drummer” would have been 68 tomorrow. Their performance on the Smother Brothers blew my mind when I was a young freshman in my university dorm.


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