Gone for a while, but I swear I’m not trying to be…

I miss Peppered Thought. I do. I miss plopping down and writing for, well, no one else really reads this but me, so just writing about things I comes across. And also leaving piles of links so i can come back to them later.
I had some amazing interactions with some women this week, in my head and in person, that i cannot wait to write about. I think i am so excited about writing about them they are seeping into my dreams. I wish I was any sort of artist so i could properly sketch them…but you know, if wishes were fishes…

So, this is my list for the week of some interesting stuff around the internet.

♠  “Can you help me be positive?” Another stellar advice column from Andrew WK. p.s. have you listened to his radio show yet?

♠  Have you seen Mad Max: Fury Road yet? Sadly, I still haven’t, but that doesn’t stop me from reading all the fervor it has created. Including Laurie Penny’s take. Even the first sentence draws me in: “If you’re going to bring feminist propaganda to the masses, there are worse ways than in a giant exploding truck covered with knives.” *heart-eyed emojis*

♠ If Bill Gates has time to read six books, well then I guess I do too!

♠ In honor of Angel Carter’s 75th birthday, Penguin Classics is re-issuing The Bloody Chamber with a kickass new cover. If only it was hard-bound or carved from stone.

♠ When the summer hits here, I will be watching videos of people walking through the Rhone Glacier Ice Grotto and fantasize it is me.

They built it. No one came. Two men built a commune in Pennsylvania, but it is empty.

♠ Have you heard of a fungus called Dead Man’s Fingers? They totally resemble the name. (h/t to Sarah Troop)


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