End of Year 2016 A list of lists


I got the inspiration to just have a list of lists from Paul Bullock’s Sub Pop list. And you better believe my candy list is a mile long, but…for the sake of (some) brevity, top favorites:

Breakfast Spots that aren’t my own skillet:

Mel’s Diner – the closest diner to my house, the most consistently good diner food, and never a wait, even on Sundays. could it honestly get any better?

Otro Cafe – Huevos Rancheros are awesome, I’ve heard the elote is tops, but for me, it’s their flapjacks. Flapjacks so perfect, they will cure what ails ya. And the staff is always super nice and friendly.

Joe’s Diner – Yes, dear reader, another diner, but, as Ron Swanson says:

Honorable Mention – any breakfast eaten at a campground.


Is it cheating if I say Otro again? Because seriously, it’s my fave place to go if I have more than a few pennies to rub together.


Oyster sandwich at Shake Foundation in Santa Fe (I don’t like eating lunch very often, so this one was pretty memorable)


Paper Girls, She Wolf, James Bond (first one was published November last year, but I didn’t get around to reading them until this year. I make this list – I also make the rules)

Candy –

Strawberry Sour Belts. the ones you buy in bulk from a giant tub – none of that prepackaged stuff. It just doesn’t taste the same.

Rainbow nonpareils – I could eat them on everything, given the chance.

Gushers – not a great name, but what a great flavor

Movies –

Green Room, Zootopia, probably Moonlight, Hail, Caesar, Neon Demon, Moana, Fantastic Beasts, Swiss Army Man and Rogue One, but I haven’t seen them because I am so far behind on film stuffs

TV Shows – 

I don’t have internet, so it’s hard to catch up on anything I might have missed, unless it’s at the library. So I watched more Penny Dreadful. And am rewatching Twin Peaks.

An aside, I randomly missed Trophy Wife. It was really good, and now thinking about it again, I might go down a hole of good canceled tv and watch Terriers.

Books – 

Harry Potter series – this was the first time I have read them and I listened to them on a weeklong road trip. I really regret not reading them sooner, but I am really happy that I have now.

Wanton West. I am extremely interested in the niche category of the history of prostitution in the United States, especially when it was legal. This was a pretty fascinating, and gave some great personal accounts of the West.

Dive Bars –

The Quail Lounge. Cheap pitchers, not very rowdy, and the bartender is the sweetest lady. Plus, I brought in a pie on Xmas and no one cared, except my friends.

Favorite Art

Pieces from the Artomats of New Mexico,

Burgundy’s Forgotten Banana,

A young artist in taos, I wish I could remember his name but this portrait haunts me

Ryan Hale‘s Earth and Sky

the leftovers in an artist’s studio I stayed in Colorado Springs,

Andrea Peterson‘s Road Trippin’ (to see it in person is even better – SO BIG)

Synchronicities –

  • I love every time I have strong feelings, or weird dreams about someone, I text them, or they text me, and they are in need. That feels like the best definition of “meaningful coincidences.” It happens often enough I couldn’t write all of them down, but maybe I should?

Twitter Followers – 

Topping the list is @prograpslady. Danielle has become my favorite Canadian by far (sorry, Ellen Page), and not just because of her hilarious twitter feed. We have become real friends and I find her to be good and real and a perfect land mermaid. She also sends me sweet things for no reason. I am her favorite non-naked work of art, she is my boo forevermore.

Honorable Mentions – Alana, Weedy, Minka, Abid, Fem Jones, Kittle, Marya, Bailey Jay, Ayoka, Scott!

PerfumesVanille Bourbon, Audrey Horne, but that might change, if Rachel Syme’s and Helena Fitzgerald’s The Dry Down is any indication of new perfumes to try. One that smells like a wet stone? ::grabby hands::

Random Moments – 

  • A really deep and meaningful hug from a friend who had just finished her cancer treatments
  • when Bowie died I was really, really sad. I visited with my sister and 5 year old niece, and while we ate breakfast, I played some songs for her and she danced in her seat, saying, “I like David Bowie.”
  • Walking around Santa Fe in the pouring rain and night

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