Things I Have Done Today Instead of Watch the Inauguration


– set up monthly $ donations to creators through patreon
– ate a giant bowl of lucky charms
– decided to write a whole bunch of other things, not relating to politics
– thought about ways I could better show how much I love and care about my friends
– walked in the rain, got coffee, and sat in my favorite ice cream shop
– donated to Planned Parenthood
– re-read Leah’s list of 30 things every woman should have in her closet
– planned zines to create this year
– bought the Battle Hymns compilation CD
– printed out resistance posters from Ladies Who Design to keep on my wall always
– had an hour long Parks and Rec gif thread in a group message because why the hell not:

-repotted some plants while watching Legally Blonde (Elle Woods for President)

– researched comics for an 8-year old girl (let her borrow moon girl and devil dinosaur and she’s obsessed)

– thought about food, glorious food



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