Things I have cried about today

  • Mary, the one-eyed dog.
    There was a spokesdog for a local shelter named Mary. She was a super chill, used to just sit on a table while the shelter people would talk about donations to event-goers and just be so cool and adorable. I found out today that she passed away. I mean, the last several years of her life were extremely wonderful and the shelter people and new dog dad were very kind and generous and she was loved deeply. But it was still sad to hear.
  • This picture of David Lynch:david-lynch
  • blue christmas” by first aid kit (I don’t know why I’m listening to xmas songs in February, come on.)
  • 10 things I hate about you. I was thinking that as I moved further and further away from high school, I would identify and feel less and less for it. But, in fact, I feel more of some of those things. Maybe someday i’ll write a dissertation on it (or someone at the BMD will), but for now it’s just my cup of tea.
  • thinking about long, deep, meaningful hugs from loved ones, girl crushes, family members, dead people, dogs, long distance friends, and fictional characters.sunset-july

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