About Peppered Thought

Pepper. You use it almost everyday and don’t even think about it. Pepper is a spice, an addition, an enhancement to your food. It makes mealtime more enjoyable. If only there were something that did that for your everyday life. A spice, an inspiration to kick up your day.

That is Peppered Thought – a little dose of spice for your day-to-day.

I began this blog/website to be a kind of online magazine (I mentioned earlier that I did indeed publish my own zine for quite some time) featuring my loves and life. I wanted to work on an online version of my thoughts, trying to find my voice, be clear in my adventures and my work on my writing abilities front and center. And have tons of color pictures without the cost of high-gloss magazine photo prices, of course! So, here I get to express all my loves in life: music, food, film, fashion, news, and even tips about life and moving through the world on your own plane of positivity!

If you have a question, comment, an idea for the site, or want to talk about zines and letters, tattoos, chihuahuas, polaroids, cheese or whatever, email me at:

daizee772002 at yahoo.com; I would love to hear from you!

Wanna see more oversharing?

You can also hang out with me on Flickrinstagram, or Twitter!

4 thoughts on “About Peppered Thought

  1. Hey,

    I like your blog, its very creative and has a lot of potential. I am the owner of wallpaper4me.com, and i was wondering if we would be able to do some form of link exchanging/traffic exchange. If you are interested (and i hope you are) please feel free to send me an email and we could work out the details and such!


  2. Did you ever work with Jake up there from wallpaper whatever? Also, pepper is chock full of antioxidants, you should mention that!

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