Things That Have Made Me Cry This Weekend:

lightning-in-the-neighborhoodA quick photo I took after the big rains Friday night.

♠ I just found out Werner Herzog wrote a book called Conquest of the Useless. That phrase is very romantically tragic, and very cellar door to me.

♠ This quote from an article about working in every relationship:
“Another fact about relationships: it’s based on freedom; the freedom to love and care for someone…or not. Not everyone whom you hold these feeling for will offer them in return. Genuine relationships are made up of two individuals that have chosen to love and care for each other. It’s easy for someone to show up in your life and tell you that they love you; it’s much more difficult for them to demonstrate that love consistently.

Those that choose to remain in your life and steadily demonstrate their love and care with wholehearted acceptance are the type individuals that you want for your relationships.”

♠ Evan Young, giving his banned graduation speech

♠ Thinking about Keanu Reeves

♠ At least three other things that I can’t even think of right now.

What was with this weekend? I think the fact that it NEVER rains in June here in the desert must have messed me up slightly. At any rate, it’s in the past and now that I have rehydrated, I can start this week by kickin some ass (writing a bunch).

Links for the Week

Ultimate Camping Guide, including s’mores, telling time with your fingers and the best mosquito repellent (hint: it’s not citronella!)

♠ Fan Ho has won more than 280 awards in his life as a photographer, and if you look at some of his early street compositions, you can clearly see why. The above photo is one of many from his new book Fan Ho: A Hong Kong Memoir, via PetaPixel

We Must Risk Delight After a Summer Full of Monsters, by Molly Crabapple. I have to admit, buy the time August has ended, I feel so burdened and heavy of heart with this summer full of major scary shit going on around the world and on our own soil. Knowing that I am not alone in feeling this way is comforting.

♠ Some intriguing images of astronauts underwater, suit testing, and a peek of them before takeoff

♠ Yoga moves to counteract the damage of a desk job

Oxford quotation references. Search by lines, author, etc. Waste hours finding that perfect line!

Links for the Week

♠ Kids Interview Bands interviewed Brody Dalle, featuring pancake mountain and Spice Girls trivia.

Women are tired of being judged by the Esquire Metric, featuring the best line in a story, possibly ever: “I don’t fucking care if you like it.” There are a lot of things I overlook about Esquire, because I really only care about the food and drink aspects, but yes to all of this article.

♠ And on that same note, one woman read that article was inspired by what she read. So much so she created this tee to commemorate:




♠ Breaking news: Molly Ringwald’s daughter as adorable as her.

♠ Still trying to hold on to summer? I am not at all with you. I have been loading up playlists full of spooky, midnight autumn tunes. But for those who want to make the last days of summer worth it, The Knocks has a great summer song or, just look through the Rookie music archives.

♠ Are you raising your kid to be kind?

♠ The best “Keith Moon-type drummer” would have been 68 tomorrow. Their performance on the Smother Brothers blew my mind when I was a young freshman in my university dorm.


Links of the Week

disney-tumblersI love these retro Disney Tumblers so much I would be tempted to get rid of all my other glasses.

This week has been unimaginably hot – we hit 117° on the day after it rained – so my determination is only as long as I can type before having to go stand in front of the fan again.

Let’s see what morsels I found this last week:

♠ I had to take all the images, documents, etc. off my work computer so they I could upgrade to a newer hard drive, Windows…long story short, one of the flash drives I used for my stuff somehow got corrupted before I could reinstall the items. I was crushed. I tried several recovery programs, but they are just…swoosh…gone. I hope that I can just let it go…maybe it was a good thing.

♠ I am not a huge fan of cumin, but jeera water sounds pretty fancy, and promotes all around wellness, so it could be worth a try. What really struck me was the other part of the story. Let me show you another way.

♠ Did you know that famous painter Johannes Vermeer only painted 35 works in his lifetime? This series looks at a couple possible additions, and the quest for owning something so infinitely rare and priceless.

Tide changes are so poetic, without trying too hard. My favorite:


♠ I am always looking for ways to stay inspired to shoot more film photos, especially in the heat. The latest book published of the Find Rangers Camera Club is just absolutely the inspiration I needed. There aren’t very many of #3 left, but you can get other items, or even submit for #4!

♠ Tomorrow is the new moon. Even if you don’t believe in the power of energies and all that, writing down intentions is a great way to stay on track or to brainstorm new projects. So tomorrow, grab your favorite healthy drink, find a spot where you can think for at least 10 minutes uninterrupted, and get out a piece of paper and just write.

Pen Pal Scavenger Hunt Revealed!

Thanks to this Secret Penpal Scavenger Hunt, I have a new pen pal that could very well help me step up my creativity in regards to mail art.

The hardest part was waiting. I was so excited to open it up, I couldn’t even wait til the next day to get good lighting for the shots, so my photos are all “moody,” i.e. at night.spsh-reveal-1My pen pal’s name is Katzi, she lives in Georgia, and she seems majorly rad. She is incredibly clever, patient, and sent me the coolest pen pal package ever.

spsh-reveal-2One of my favorite elements, besides the Bettie Page!, was her flash drive. She works in audio/visual stuff, so she sent me something I can plug into my computer and see her town and her life, almost through her eyes. Very cool.

spsh-reveal-3She sent me a mini writing kit, goodies from her favorite coffee shops/restaurants around town, and little crafts she used to make. As a bonus, she saw the “My Home Bar” series on my site, and sent along some Prohibition-era cocktail recipes, and I just about swooned! Many of them I haven’t tried yet, so I gotta grab a new bottle of gin and get my flapper dress out!

New Year, New, New, New

It seems so cliché, and it might even be cliché me saying it’s cliché, but I love starting the new year with a new batch of goals. Of course, I make new ones throughout the year, and ditch the ones that don’t work out. But it is really nice to break up the cold winter with some optimistic, bright shiny inspiration.

I have almost finished my new 2014 inspiration board, with a side-by-side of last year’s.

Of course, what would thinking about goals be without a list?

♠ Start to think SMART -er, not harder.

♠ Make it happen. What is “it?” It is whatever you have been daydreaming about doing, but created a bundle of reasons no to do. Lara Casey has a whole bunch of ways to help you for 2014. You can buy the whole Powersheet set, or think about the steps she outlines in this post.

♠ Tips for creating thoughtful resolutions.

♠ I am working on creating my 2014 editorial blog calendar, so I don’t get ahead of myself with ideas and publish things that aren’t really what I want. Plus, I there won’t be long stretches of time without any writing from yours truly!

♠ Speaking of calendars, I also need to find a good budget and meal planner. The thought of organizing this much makes me feel really strong and clear of mind!