Nom Nom Nom: Grilled Cheese with Cucumbers

Did you know that April is National Grilled Cheese Month and April 12 is National Grilled Cheese Day? In my house, that is a very sacred an orthodox day.

After going to the Grilled Cheese Invitational several years ago, my mind has always been awash in slightly outside the box grilled cheeses. Breakfast griller with tater tots and bacon in there? YES. Dessert griller with mozzarella, strawberries with chocolate balsamic red-wine reduction? You cannot put it in front of me fast enough. So when I read this idea for goat cheese and cucuumbers, I thought – why the hell not?! I love cream cheese and cucumbers so much I feel like a complete dope that I before never thought about putting them in a grilled cheese sandwich. I finally did. Well, someone else finally did and I discovered it, much to my overenthusiastic joy.

Cucumber Goat Cheese Grilled Cheese

Things I have cried about today:


– Talking to an acquaintance about my aunt dying unexpectedly. Even though she is my boss’ boss and I don’t know her that well, a hug from her was welcome.
– This personal story of how Casino Royale helped film critic Phil Noble Jr. mourn in his own way, as Bond mourned in his.
– An achingly beautiful description of the unsettling mysteries of the Lynchian world.
– I can’t imagine how scared I would be, after running 26 miles in another country where I do not know the language, and receiving a doughnut from a well-meaning person. Italian man who ran the NYC marathon being lost, then found.

– this photo of Montgomery Clift: monty-clift

But it’s only 3:30. There might be more.

Bubble Wands

I know it seems like a signature summer thing to do, but I have learned that smack dab in the middle of an arid desert summer is actually not the best time to get my bubble on. From extensive research, I have learned that humid/overcast days actually work best for bubble-blowing. After learning that, I just had to wait for a humid day. Unfortunately that doesn’t happen very often, so I had to wait a while. As for my weapon (read: wand) of choice, I decided to get creative and try out several different ones:

Cookie cutter

drinking straws

hand wand

sparkly pipe cleaner

You can also try funnels, a kazoo, even a hula hoop – if you can figure out how to get bubble solution on the whole thing.

Bubble blowers and solution from hellobee

Things That Have Made Me Cry This Weekend:

lightning-in-the-neighborhoodA quick photo I took after the big rains Friday night.

♠ I just found out Werner Herzog wrote a book called Conquest of the Useless. That phrase is very romantically tragic, and very cellar door to me.

♠ This quote from an article about working in every relationship:
“Another fact about relationships: it’s based on freedom; the freedom to love and care for someone…or not. Not everyone whom you hold these feeling for will offer them in return. Genuine relationships are made up of two individuals that have chosen to love and care for each other. It’s easy for someone to show up in your life and tell you that they love you; it’s much more difficult for them to demonstrate that love consistently.

Those that choose to remain in your life and steadily demonstrate their love and care with wholehearted acceptance are the type individuals that you want for your relationships.”

♠ Evan Young, giving his banned graduation speech

♠ Thinking about Keanu Reeves

♠ At least three other things that I can’t even think of right now.

What was with this weekend? I think the fact that it NEVER rains in June here in the desert must have messed me up slightly. At any rate, it’s in the past and now that I have rehydrated, I can start this week by kickin some ass (writing a bunch).

Saturday, Our Day of the Links

secret-reasonsMy goal for the summer – declining too much work and social time, for “secret reasons.” (h/t to Austin Kleon)

I have so many links this week, you might go nuts. Nuts in a good way, I swear!

I might even have as many links as I have mosquito bites this week. So, while I continuously rub anti-itch cream over these bites, please enjoy the bounty.

♠ I had no idea Viv Albertine had an autobiography out until this spring. Unfortunately I have a ridiculous backlog of books so it will be a while until I get to dig into it, but I can skim the surface with “Why Feminism Needs Punk.”

♠ I did not know “summer goth” was a thing, but I’m into it. Here is a summer goth playlist from last summer, would anyone like to add and update it with me?

♠ I have a lot of emotions tied into my tubes of bright red lipstick, many of them I share and connect with Chelsea Summers over in her ode “Kiss Me With Those Red Lips.”

♠ I don’t think anyone has ever said this, but thanks to Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot, I learned something. It wasn’t about overbearing mothers, it was about the electrochemical and passivation processes of bluing steel.

♠ The thought of diversity not being an issue in three to five years anywhere is promising. On Brown Ballerinas.

Fresh Romance is a new romance comic publication by Rosy Press. Why not get a subscription?

♠ Activist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie urges, do not think you have to “twist yourself into shapes to be likable. Forget about likability.”

♠ Coffee known as Black Blood of the Earth? Yes, please.

Amy Schumer (with help from Bill Nye, Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson) explains the universe’s workings.

♠ I am always heading to B&H Photo to compare camera prices, but I had no idea they had a blog. And it has some great photo tips!