Take Five Friday: Cool, Weird Gifts Under $20

(Editor’s Note: There are more than five things on my list today; but in this case, it’s worth your while.)

I am waaay obsessed with giving my friends strange, eccentric and confusing gifts, so it comes as no surprise a lot of them ask me for ideas about what to get their friends. Well, thankfully for everyone’s pocketbooks you can get some pretty amazing, sometimes useful presents for under $20!


oddGifts for friends

Here are the highlights, courtesy of Polyvore. Clockwise, from camera:

  • Pinhole camera, for the quirky photo enthusiast.
  • Subscription to Esquire magazine. One of the most informative, funny and enlightening of my gifts. But, I could go on and on about them. 🙂
  • “I’m Not A Paper Towel” dishcloth. For the environmentally aware.
  • Pep Talks and Picker-Uppers. For the charmer of the group; or someone who actually needs a jolt of positive encouragement.
  • Port-a-Pint. A collapsible pint glass for the lush in your group who doesn’t have time to reach into cabinets.
  • “Shit, It’s Raining” Umbrella. For the cheeky Francophile. Sarah, I’m looking at you!
  • “Scuba Steve” T-shirt. For the closest of your friends, who enjoys a good inside joke. you could also just make your own iron-on for an even insider joke.
  • Cap Bomb – I saw this at a toy shop near my work, and I am committed to getting it for a couple of my friends, namely Echo. (echo, if you’re reading this, I am not getting you this.) 
  • French Toast Message Burner. Another French thing, but cute enough for almost any friend, or mother!
  • Kikkerland Music Box. These music boxes blew my mind because not only are they quirky little gifts, but they come in so many songs. Pink Panther, Singing in the Rain, even yellow Submarine! They even have ones you can punch holes in to make your own songs. Great gift for a musically inclined amigo.
  • Moleskines-I adore Moleskine journals. They come in any size, tons of different colors, and different styles. Lined, Unlined, Watercolor thick, comic-book style storyboard, Calendar Planner, the possibilities are endless. I have separate ones for home decor ideas, website ideas, photography stuff, and even a tiny Volant i keep all my finances straight in!
  • Lastly, pink flamingos. Best given to a home-owner, via sticking them in their yard (nicely, you don’t want to have to pay for re-sodding!) and a big love letter wrapped around their necks.


Anyone else have ideas for quirky, weird, cute inexpensive gifts?