It has been a while.

Because of my extremely limited internet (interaction), I haven’t got to keep up with this. Which, really doesn’t matter for most, because the way we all consume things now has shifted considerably.
But I feel I need to get back to regularly writing here, to help the fog in my brain.

So here we go with a bunch of things I have read about and possibly cried about this week.

The Idiomatic – randomly generate an idiom to make you think for the day. (The first one I got was “Nature talks.”)

Brittany Nichole Cox, Antiquarian Horologist – I may have cried a little while watching these videos. She has such passion, vast knowledge and respect for this work, I am so in love with her. It also made me think about the Franklin Museum’s automaton that writes/sketches a bunch of different scenes.

Dark Mermaids Take Everything Men Fear and Use It Against Them – a great look at mermaids as “a projection of male fantasy and misogynistic terror, the dark mermaid is truly the witch of the sea—a wicked emblem to be reclaimed by feminist power.” Which, in the same vein…hellooo mermaid patronus:

Jen Bartel has created some pretty bitchin’ mermaids in the past.

I think that will do it for the day.
Stay tuned if you want, for I have some percolating ideas that I may just have to scribble down for this here notepad of mine.



Links for the Week

Ultimate Camping Guide, including s’mores, telling time with your fingers and the best mosquito repellent (hint: it’s not citronella!)

♠ Fan Ho has won more than 280 awards in his life as a photographer, and if you look at some of his early street compositions, you can clearly see why. The above photo is one of many from his new book Fan Ho: A Hong Kong Memoir, via PetaPixel

We Must Risk Delight After a Summer Full of Monsters, by Molly Crabapple. I have to admit, buy the time August has ended, I feel so burdened and heavy of heart with this summer full of major scary shit going on around the world and on our own soil. Knowing that I am not alone in feeling this way is comforting.

♠ Some intriguing images of astronauts underwater, suit testing, and a peek of them before takeoff

♠ Yoga moves to counteract the damage of a desk job

Oxford quotation references. Search by lines, author, etc. Waste hours finding that perfect line!